FleetNet helps you realize better business results from your fleet.

We do this by minimizing downtime on roadside events; reducing events through analytics that help you make better maintenance decisions; and managing fleet maintenance for customers with the end goal of higher PM compliance and lower total maintenance costs. The videos below spotlight how we accomplish these goals for our customers.

FleetNet employees deliver on three promises to our customers: less downtime, fewer maintenance events and higher preventive maintenance compliance at the lowest possible cost. See how our small-town values and southern hospitality are the cornerstones of our heritage.

Managing over 450,000 repair and maintenance events annually, FleetNet is America's leader in minimizing downtime. Take a tour with us to see how we get our customers' fleets up and running faster than anyone else.

FleetNet America® has solid experience in helping companies reduce maintenance events. When you have fewer maintenance events, you spend less. See how one of our customers added $1.3 million back to their bottom line after using our data to find and solve several issues with their maintenance.

FleetNet gets fleets back on the road quicker than anyone else in America. As a result, our customers experience more on-time deliveries and provide better service to their customers, improving customer retention by preventing late penalties. Watch how this customer found a way to save his company money and provide a service to their owner/operator fleet.

Did you know FleetNet America can help you increase PM compliance and reduce maintenance costs? Higher PM compliance means more productive equipment, fewer violations and better customer service. Find out how a customer increased their PM compliance from 48% to 98% using our services.

Whether it's a breakdown on the side of the road or on your yard, we understand that out-of-service equipment can be bad for your business. We are here for you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

When you call, we answer ready to help. A mechanically experienced coordinator assesses the issues and submits an initial diagnosis to the dealer/service provider. We relay your specific instructions and protocol to the dealer/service provider and aggressively follow up throughout the process to ensure a sense of urgency. We send real-time updates to keep you informed of the event status, which you can review online, on our mobile app, through email or text.

If you have specific units or types of events which you need additional notifications, we can handle it. Our system is equipped to alert our coordinators and/or send email notifications to your personnel based on your needs.


A: FleetNet provides fleet maintenance and emergency roadside assistance for medium and heavy duty commercial equipment. The way we do business is extremely different from others in the industry. Emergency Roadside is about managing the event or situation to the customer’s unique specifications. We give the customer data and information to make effective management decisions about their fleet and equipment. Other services include fleet maintenance management, preventive maintenance, emergency roadside assistance, material handling maintenance management, equipment relocation and towing and recovery.

A: FleetNet originated as the breakdown department for Carolina Freight in 1953 and was incorporated as a separate company in 1993.

A: FleetNet has sustained double digit growth in previous years. FleetNet America, Inc. is a wholly owned subsidiary of ArcBest Corporation (NASDAQ: ARCB)

A: All types of medium and heavy-duty commercial vehicles, material handling and industrial equipment, excludes automobiles.

A: Each customer completes an instruction sheet called a Customer Profile, with detailed instructions on how their account is to be handled. Examples include: Can drivers call directly for service?; Who has authorization for repairs and what are the authorization limits?; Is a PO needed before or after service?; etc.

A: There is no enrollment fee to sign up for service with FleetNet America.

A: FleetNet America, Inc. provides service in the United States, Canada and Puerto Rico.

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